Intro + Faux Leather.

I am so excited to begin this journey of sharing my style! I have always been a shopaholic and putting outfits together is therapeutic for me. How you dress express who you are and relays a message before you can even speak- and if you’re a plus size gal like me you know that finding the perfect outfit is far from easy sometimes. Here I will be sharing my tips and tricks to making using pieces in different ways – all while staying on a budget! Thank you so much for coming along- let’s see where this thing takes us! I am still new to this body positive outlook- I recently left my job in marketing- I just felt like I didn’t belong. This life is all about trial and error and it’s important to walk away from something that no longer serves you- even if it’s scary! I’m not quite certain of the next moves I’ll be making but fashion is something that has always helped me- so I’m so thrilled to be finally having this creative outlet that I’ve always wanted.

I have been looking for a faux leather skirt for quite some time, so when Forever 21 got this skirt in for $20 I ordered it right away! Thankfully it’s nice and roomy in the hips so I can wear it high-waisted. If there’s one thing my mom taught me it’s that you can’t be scared to try things on sometimes! Different pieces fit differently and although something may not be your standard size- you may still be able to make it work! 
Sunglasses also from Forever 22, crop top is Xhilaration from Target, belt is Nine West from Marshall’s & heels from Torrid.






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