The Perfect Midi.

Denim button downs are so versatile and everyone needs one in their closet.  Because it is already creeping on 100 degrees, I tied this one from JCPenny up and paired it with this dark purple midi skirt from Target.  I love it because it is lined but not heavy at all (it’s polyester, top layer has some spandex).  I just love a good midi skirt, because I am so tall your typical skater skirts are usually just too short on me.  Plus, skirts like this can easily be dressed up or down.  It’s already that time of year where I can’t even keep my eyes open outside without sunglasses so I have been stocking up on cheap pairs.  These ones are from Forever 21.  I hardly ever pay over $6 for sunglasses because we all know they are going to end up lost or broken.  These flats by Sole Diva from Simply Be are gorgeous and amazingly comfortable, I have been wearing them nonstop!  I also have been using this small backpack as my go to purse.

Side note, can we talk about the amazing timing of the butterfly flying across the second picture?!?! Photos by Eric Crosby


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