Getting to Know Luxe Kurves!

I recently got the opportunity to chat with Brandee J about her new publication, Luxe Kurves!  Learn what Luxe Kurves is all about in the interview below.


What prompted you to start Luxe Kurves?

I recently left another publication that I was with and I didn’t know
what I wanted to do until my close friend said “You should start your
own magazine.” When she said it I started thinking about what will it be about or what the name would be. That night I had a dream and it
came to me “Luxe Kurves Magazine. The upscale lifestyle magazine for kurvy women.” At that moment I knew that was it and it was time to put it in action. In two weeks LUXE kurves was born!

What is the Luxe Kurves mission?

Our mission besides to be number 1 is to put the kurvy women
back on her throne and to show the world there is more to us than
just fashion. We love music, traveling, jewelry, fine dining, luxury
brands, etc. We have a lifestyle as well!

Brandee Joyner

What sets Luxe Kurves apart from other plus size publications?

LUXE Kurves offer’s the kurvy women everything! A lifestyle that is
all for her on a luxury level. Another thing that sets us apart is our
signature events that we will be doing, which are tailored events

that go along with our lifestyle.

What topics can a reader expect to find in a Luxe Kurves publication?

Music, Art, Entertainment, Sex, Fashion, Traveling and more! We

encompass every aspect of a lifestyle.


What does the future hold for Luxe Kurves?

Our goal is to have LUXE Kurves be on the same level as Vogue.
Along with being on the same level as Vogue we will grow our
brand international by our signature events such as our Luxe
Kurves Fashion Week Showcases and other events we will do in
major cities.  World takeover is what the future holds for LUXE Kurves.
LUXE Signature Events Graphic

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