Florals + Heeled Oxfords.

These heeled oxfords have been a recent favorite find of mine.  They are easy to dress up or down, and are so wearable with their block heel and the lace up support.  Florals and off the shoulder are always a good combo so when I found this top it was a win-win.  You can never have too many different color leggings, they are so easy to make interesting outfits with, versus jeans or plain black, plus they are usually really cheap ($5 pair linked below), so you can have a bunch of different colors without spending much and you can create endless different outfits.

Floral Top from Charlotte Russe Plus
Heeled Oxfords from Torrid
Shop similar styles below!
Photos by Sam of Blue Eyed Buttons caylajean-221caylajean-223caylajean-224caylajean-226


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