Athleisure Obsession.

I have been obsessed with Anna Festa lately, can you blame me?  I’m in love with the fit and versatile pieces.  This tie front top fits the bust so well, and although I tucked the shirt in here to show off the skirt, one of my favorite thing about tops from her collection is the length.  Not so long that you loose your shape and not too short to be close to a crop top,  falling right at the hip it flatters your curves wonderfully.  I am wearing another one of her skorts from her athletic line.  The split between the pattern and the solid black is perfect.  I love that the pop of the print is suttle, it makes for a super cute and fun look.

I am also excited to say that I am now part of team AnnaFesta, handling all public relations & marketing!  I can’t wait for what’s in store for this amazing brand, and to show you even more looks from my favorite plus size designer!

Pink top from AnnaFesta 
Black & White Flounce Skirt & White Wedge Sneakers From Festa Sports
Photos by Eric J Crosby  caylajean-annafesta-2caylajean-annafesta-3caylajean-annafesta-4caylajean-annafesta-6caylajean-annafesta-7caylajean-annafesta-8


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