Perfectly Priscilla.

I love bringing you guys new places to shop!  I feel like there are so many places that carry plus sizes now, it’s often hard to keep and even tough to find some!  Perfectly Priscilla is an online boutique with casual to dressy pieces for every occasion.  With reasonable prices, you can pick up some great statement pieces you’ll wear over and over.  I love this mauve pink number!  Such a beautiful color, perfect for all seasons.  Wore this color all fall, and plan on wearing it all spring too.  I love that all I need to add is a pair of earrings, the neckline detail makes the look!
Also, I bought this transparent cross-body bag at my local forever 21 a couple months ago, and can’t seem to find anything similar online, but there are some alternative options on eBay if you like transparent bags.

Shop dresses from Perfectly Priscilla here!
Photos by Eric Crosby 


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