Pink Blush Wrap Dress.

Bold florals are definitely a summer staple of mine.  Especially when it comes in the form of a beautiful and comfortable wrap dress!  I love the particular style of this dress, with the 3/4 sleeves and the perfect amount of stretch, this dress was super easy to wear.
The length on this dress is great, you can tell it was designed for a plus size woman, not just a junior dress they kept sizing up.  It falls just perfectly at the knee (I’m 5’9) and isn’t too short in the back either.  It was perfect for a hot summer day!  Pink Blush has a growing plus size section, with a lot of casual tops, dresses, skirts and more.  I have tried quite a few pieces now and am impressed with the quality, this dress will be getting a lot of wear!

Shop Pink Blush dresses here!
Heels from Wholesale Fashion Shoes
Photos by Ariel Sprague CaylaJean-1238CaylaJean-1240CaylaJean-1232CaylaJean-1239


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