Paperbag Pinstripes.

This is my first venture into paperbag style pants! I truly enjoy trying new things in fashion and although I’m not really one for new years resolutions, I definitely want to step out of my comfort zone this year.  Wear whatever makes you happy!  Now, on to these pants.. I personally sized up, I prefer a more relaxed style in this type of pant, and to be honest I usually size up when there isn’t any stretch whatsoever so I can move comfortably.  My favorite thing about black and white pieces are styling it with some color.  I have been craving bright colors so I paired a bright baby blue cutout sweater.  Grey is my neutral these days, so most of my winter coats are grey so they will go with anything.  I don’t really buy much black anymore, I like how greys seem to compliment every outfit where as black can sometimes weigh your outfit down.  If I have to wear boots every day I figured I may as well get some cute ones!  These floral babies were a clearance find at Marshall’s for only $18!

Sweater by A.n.a from JCPenney
Pants from Fashion Nova
Boots from Marshall’s (Floral Boot from Torrid)
Coat from Old Navy
Photos by Jamison


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