Floral Track Pants.

Track pants are one of my favorite trends right now. I love the sporty style, and how you can style them so many ways. In this particular look, I was going for a semi-casual look so I dressed it up a bit with a sexy mesh top and kept it comfy on bottom with the sneakers. When I was in middle and high school I was obsessed with sneakers and haven’t been buying many over the years but since moving to the city they are all I ever want to wear. I found an Adidas outlet a short bus ride away in Jersey and I have really hit the jacket on a couple pairs of sneakers recently. As far as the fit on the garments, both pieces are from the straight size collection, because that’s all I could find in-store. I got an XL in each piece, the straight sizes go up to XXL and most of the collection is available in plus online! I literally have been obsessed with everything from the Project Runway collections. I have another few outfits coming!

Floral Track Pants + Mesh Top from the Project Runway Collection at JCPenney
Sneakers from Adidas
Photos by Moet Cristal

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